Thursday, July 28, 2016

When you're having baby number 10

I am no stranger to people acting shocked, outraged, or just unsure how to feel when I tell them the size of my family. They often ask questions or make some sort of rude comments they think are so witty. I mean come on, don't you own a TV? What does that have to do with having a baby? Do people really think we don't own a TV so we just have sex twenty four seven? I love having a large family that's why we have so many kids. I also love having four TV's in the house. These comments and questions started right around when I had number six and have just progressively grown more and more common and people have become more and more open about saying things. So here are ten things that happen when you're having number ten in list of least to most common.

1. People asking what church we go to because after all we must be holy rollers to have so many. 

We do attend church. I love my faith, but my faith does not dictate how many children I have, I do. I totally believe birth control is a great thing for those who want to limit the number of children they have. I do not think it's a sin or evil. Large families are not for everyone. 

2. People walk up to us and say, I wish I'd had more children. 

I really never know how to answer people who say this. I take it as a compliment. I always wonder though why they didn't. Some elaborate and say I wanted a lot of kids, but I couldn't have any. Those always break my heart. I'm sure some just stuck with the norm of 2.5 because that's just what's done. Having older children (17 and 18) I often wonder what my life would be like if I had stopped with them. Sure, I'd have a ton of freedom, but my house would also be so empty!

3. People I don't know recognize me.

I was signing my daughter up for Pre-k in a room with another mom. The woman do the paperwork asked me how many children and when I said ten the other mom was like oh you're Stephanie! I was just talking about you the other day with so and so.... ummmmm okay... I know you how? Apparently we must be the talk of the town! 

4. You never have to show ID at the school. 

There isn't a person at any of the schools who don't know who we are. We have upwards of four kids in any grade level at any time. The teachers, principles, even janitors know who we are. They know all about our kids and always seem to want to stop and chat. When I walk into one of the kids schools I feel like I am walking into Cheers!

5. Everyone who knows and loves us want to know when we will have the next one. 

I always want to say hey, let's get this pregnancy over with first. 

6. Are you done yet?

This is something I get from everyone from family to strangers and my answer is always the same. 
I have been done since number 5! I don't know how this keeps happening! 

7. They just must fall out when you sneeze. 

It's this question that makes me want to break out a chart and explain the birthing process to people who don't quite get it. Things still have to go through what they go through every time. If it was only that simple!

8. So how much do you get in food stamps?

REALLY!!!!!! Just REALLY!!!! 

9. I'll give you mine, you won't even notice another. 

Yeah..... first dude, you're trying to give your kid away. Also yes, I would notice, my kids are trained a certain way. They all look alike too!!

10. Are you getting fixed after this one?

Clearly I'm not broken, but your manners are ;)

To be completely honest though I do sometimes enjoy that look of shock when someone hears how many kids we have. Their mouths often gap open as they search for the right words (Even if more often than not they find the wrong ones). Overall most people are really cool about things or at least pretend to be. In the end though my family makes me happy and I could care less how nayone else feels about it as it's not their issue.