Monday, November 21, 2011

Mother's sick

Yes, this has been a bad year for the germies and I have been down and out for almost two weeks. Please forgive my lack of posing as sometimes it's not so easy to sit here and not on the throne. I am such a baby when I am sick. Please bare with me as I lysol the house and try to hang garlic off doors and windows. I will do anything to make the germs gone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wow Vietnam in HD!!!!!!

I admit it, I am the most boring person ever! I do historical research for fun and watch documentaries for entertainment. I've been this way since I was very young and don't see any hope of it ever changing. Last night I was wide awake watching the History Channel. They had an excellent program on called Vietnam in HD. This show isn't for the weak at heart. They took home video and news reports from Vietnam and basically remastered them. It was insane, but in the end I walked away with a whole new respect for our vet's. 

Vietnam in HD is amazing! I felt like I was viewing the war through the soldiers eyes. I have watch a lot of war documentaries and never have I felt the fear of the men like I did watching that. The images were so heart wrenching I almost cried and then add in the vets that were there telling the story of what's going on on the film! These men were just boys then and the rest of their lives they live with the things they saw.

It really got me thinking about what our soldiers have been through all through the history of America. The men who leave behind families that love them to go fight in places they'd only ever heard of in social studies. Some of these boys went from high school to a battle field, prom to a fight for their lives. From the revolutionary war to today their have been fights for freedom and men willing to lay down their lives for it.

Vietnam in HD really brought these men to life in a way I don't think any book, documentary, or movie ever could. You watch knowing these are real people, real lives being lost. You sit transfixed as bombs go off at their feet and bullets whiz past their heads. You can see the real pain and fear in their eyes and see the friendship they shared through their selfless actions to save one another. I don't think a person exists that wouldn't be touched and changed forever after watching it.

I recommend anyone who can stomach real war scenes watch this documentary. It will change your view of our vets forever. Tomorrow being Veteran's day I know I will be thanking the men who lived through and died in these wars. I will thank them for protecting the liberty of our nation that was hard won. Regardless of your opinions of war we owe a debt of gratitude to all American soldiers. The boys who trade college books for guns and miss out on so many important things in life to fight for us. To all our vet's and active military men and women, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20 kids and..... wait did you say 20?

That's right as everyone probably knows now the Duggar's are expecting baby number 20 and people sure have a lot to say about that. I guess along with so many other morals in society, respecting other beliefs is out the window too. I don't get worked up about too many things, but I can't stand to sit back and see a family basically dragged through the mud for doing what they believe God has asked them to. That would be like saying to a Jewish man, hey you're wrong for not eating pork.

I have a large family, but I do not hold the same beliefs in allowing God to determine my family size. If I did I'd be locked up in an institution, rocking back and forth hugging my knees. I could not handle twenty children, but the Duggar's do it well. Their children are great human beings that will grow into very productive members of society. These are kids who volunteer as firefighters, help out with charities, and go out of their way to be helpful, and kind. Jim Bob and Michelle are patient and kind and make sure their children have a lot of life experiences. Think back to when you were a child, did you and your siblings have a relationship like the Duggar children have? Were your parents anything like Michelle and Jim Bob?

You can say my opinion is bias since I too have a large family, but honestly it's not. I refuse to judge anyone as it is not my place. I refuse to chastise someone for their religious beliefs, just as I wouldn't for someones sexual preference, or political stance. I have friends with all different family sizes, back grounds, and religions, and I have never pointed fingers or said you're wrong. Yet, I see everywhere online people doing just that to the Duggar's.

People are pointing out what happened in Michelle's last pregnancy. Their right, she had a lot of complications, but it's her body, it's her life. There are risks with all pregnancies and they do increase with each additional pregnancy. There are woman everyday who risk their lives to have a child. Women with chronic conditions and yes even cancer. It is not our place to judge her for the decision she has made regardless of what it could do to her health.

So in the words of Thumper, if you don't got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Try to remember that when you criticize the Duggar's for this pregnancy, you are criticizing their religious beliefs. I always say that the Bible has a lot of wisdom and even non believers could use some of the moral lessons it teaches so for the first time on my blog I am going to add a bible verse. One I think many people can learn from, Let he without sin cast the first stone. Is it just me or did I just hear a lot of rocks fall out of hands?

I hope Michelle has a smooth pregnancy and everything turns out well for this wonderful family. I'm glad to know there are at least twenty moral children who will grow and hopefully be a part of fixing this messed up world!