Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20 kids and..... wait did you say 20?

That's right as everyone probably knows now the Duggar's are expecting baby number 20 and people sure have a lot to say about that. I guess along with so many other morals in society, respecting other beliefs is out the window too. I don't get worked up about too many things, but I can't stand to sit back and see a family basically dragged through the mud for doing what they believe God has asked them to. That would be like saying to a Jewish man, hey you're wrong for not eating pork.

I have a large family, but I do not hold the same beliefs in allowing God to determine my family size. If I did I'd be locked up in an institution, rocking back and forth hugging my knees. I could not handle twenty children, but the Duggar's do it well. Their children are great human beings that will grow into very productive members of society. These are kids who volunteer as firefighters, help out with charities, and go out of their way to be helpful, and kind. Jim Bob and Michelle are patient and kind and make sure their children have a lot of life experiences. Think back to when you were a child, did you and your siblings have a relationship like the Duggar children have? Were your parents anything like Michelle and Jim Bob?

You can say my opinion is bias since I too have a large family, but honestly it's not. I refuse to judge anyone as it is not my place. I refuse to chastise someone for their religious beliefs, just as I wouldn't for someones sexual preference, or political stance. I have friends with all different family sizes, back grounds, and religions, and I have never pointed fingers or said you're wrong. Yet, I see everywhere online people doing just that to the Duggar's.

People are pointing out what happened in Michelle's last pregnancy. Their right, she had a lot of complications, but it's her body, it's her life. There are risks with all pregnancies and they do increase with each additional pregnancy. There are woman everyday who risk their lives to have a child. Women with chronic conditions and yes even cancer. It is not our place to judge her for the decision she has made regardless of what it could do to her health.

So in the words of Thumper, if you don't got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Try to remember that when you criticize the Duggar's for this pregnancy, you are criticizing their religious beliefs. I always say that the Bible has a lot of wisdom and even non believers could use some of the moral lessons it teaches so for the first time on my blog I am going to add a bible verse. One I think many people can learn from, Let he without sin cast the first stone. Is it just me or did I just hear a lot of rocks fall out of hands?

I hope Michelle has a smooth pregnancy and everything turns out well for this wonderful family. I'm glad to know there are at least twenty moral children who will grow and hopefully be a part of fixing this messed up world!


  1. 1. Not everyone will have 20 kids if they trust God with their family size... just for the record. God's been in charge for 7 years and I only have 3. Not that I'd want more than 17 anyway. Okay, I'd take more.

    2. When it's your first child, or your second, no one ever criticizes (at least if you are married and relatively stable). It doesn't matter if the pregnancy is a little risky, or your finances could be better, or you're a little on the young or old side. Everyone knows you want that first kid, and that second kid. The third's usually okay, especially if you don't have a boy, or don't have a girl. But around 4 or 5, suddenly it's "How can you afford that?" "Why would you want that?" "How can you possibly have time for them all?" Never mind that adding a seventh is probably easier than a first or second, and the family with 7 may be much better with their finances, relationship, and organization.

    What if number 20 is every bit as much desired and treasured as number 1? Why is it any more selfish to long for just one more when you have 9 than when you have 1? My third baby is so treasured, so beloved, so perfectly timed, and I've only known about him for a month. No way would I trade him for a lifetime of normal-sized cars and eating out a few times a week.

    -Jessi Cooper

  2. Agreed! And you're right having 2 was way harder than having 7. As my blog says: They drive me crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. I like you.
    I am expecting #12, and this one is just as much wanted as all the rest were!

  4. Finally someone who thinks similar to me, on this topic. I have 2, and one is special needs that is enough for me. I use to want as many children as God would give me but it's not for us. But I've also had very rough pregnancies and both deliveries ended in a c- section. However, I think it's their business.

    They want it this way, and we as a society should respect them. I'm happy for them.....Each child is a blessing....

    And it wasn't to long ago big families were the norm and it was expected all kids helped out. I think it bothers me just as much when they say these children are being deprived a childhood. In my opinion, they are having a childhood but they are also being prepared for REAL life and REAL LIFE is work. At least their children are not that "me generation of thinking".

    They are doing a wonderful job raising their kids

  5. @Amanda. I don't talk much about it here on the blog, but I have a disabled child and by far makes things so much more challenging! That's is why we made the choice to stop where we are.