Friday, April 24, 2015

I have been taking probiotics for a while now and love them. I am so much more regular when it comes to bathroom trips and I just feel better overall. Probiotics support good bacteria in the belly while reducing the bad. It also helps boost the immune system

These probitoics aren't too big nor too small. They are just the right size to take easily. They also don't have a bad smell or aftertatse. It's been easy to make these part of my daily routine. I just take one in the morning and feel better all day. 

I love that these are all natural so I know I'm not putting nasty chemicals into my body. 

Overall these are a great, quality product. 

I recommend these to everyone.

I received these to review. My opinions are my own. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cool One Beer Chiller Review

Every come to a summer party late and with warm beer because the person before you at the store bought the last cold six pack? Only me, huh? Well I never have to worry about showing up with warm beer again. These cool one beer chiller sticks make sure of that!
I just have to put these in the freezer and when I need them they are ready to go. I just pop of the top of my bottle, take a sip, insert stick and enjoy! It's like dropping the bottle into a freezer for an hour. It's that cold and refreshing.

The chiller sticks come in a nice storage box that makes it easy to store them anywhere. They are sleek and modern looking and I get a ton of compliments on them. Overall these are a great product.

I recommend these to beer lovers everywhere. 

I received this free to review my opinions are my own

How much laundry does our family of 11 use?

This is about how much laundry we go through in a day. This is not adding in if kids change clothes for whatever reason, peed on sheets and or blankets (we do have toddlers), towels for messes, dishcloths etc. Just a round about. We make an average of 3 loads in our super washer a day. (Not saying I keep up). There have been days Dave has to go buy socks in the morning. Don't judge usually we all have undies...usually. 

Towels- 11
washcloths- 11
Underwear- 9
bras- 4
pairs of socks- 11
pants- 11
shirts- 11
Pj's- 11
baby outfits-2 
cami's- 2

Here is how it breasks down. 

Husband-                                            Me-
Work pants                                         Pajamas 
work shirt                                            Towel
work socks                                          socks
pj pants                                                underwear
jeans                                                    bra
shirt                                                     jeans
underwear                                           shirt
clean socks

Teens and preteens                           baby
3 bras                                                onsie
4 underwear                                      PJ's
4 shirts                                              outfit
4 jeans                                               outfit
4 pairs of socks                                 socks                          
4 towels                                            towel 
2 cami's                                             washcloth
4 washcloths
PJ pants
3 sets pj's

4 pj's
4 shirts
4 pants
3 underwear
3 pairs socks
4 towels 
4 washcloths

Now don't get me started how many pairs of shoes we have!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glow Stick Bracelets - 100 Bracelets Review

Okay, 100 glow stick bracelets would go a long way in most families for parties etc, but with a family our size this set is perfect for just us. Each child received 11 bracelets that they hooked together and played with to make different shapes and objects. They had so much fun.

All of the bracelets worked that came in this set. Probably because they came well packaged so as not to bend or crack. There was a vast variety of colors which made it easy for the kids to mix it up. The bracelets were easy to get working and lasted a long time. They glowed very brightly as well. I couldn't have been more pleased with these. 

Overall these are top quality and a great value.

I would recommend these to everyone!

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA Review

This Matacha Tea Ceremony gift set is absolutely beautiful! This would be perfect for the tea lover in anyone's life. It would also make a wonderful Mother's day gift! 

This gift set comes with everything I needed to make a ceremonial cup of tea (which in China ceremonial just means preparing). The set is well crafted and top quality. I love the vibrant color of the cup and the bamboo spoon adds to it's authenticity.

 I had everything I needed including the delicious tea and instructions. This really is a wonderful set anyone would love. From the first sip to last it's a whole new experience in tea drinking. 

I recommend this for all tea lovers.

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Easy@home pregnancy/ovulation kit review

Having 9 kids pregnancy tests are something I know a lot about! I am just learning about ovulation tests as my periods aren't what they used to be. I love that this kit has so many tests. It makes it really easy for someone who is trying to get pregnant to save money by not having to buy a few at a time. 

This kit comes with 100 pregnancy tests and 100 ovulation tests. It has clear instructions and explains how to read the tests clearly. There is no guessing. I woke up and used my first morning urine to use both tests. The pregnancy was negative, but the ovulation was spot on. So hopefully in a few weeks the pregnancy test will be positive too.

These tests are like most other pregnancy and ovulation tests. Pee in a cup, dip, and wait. Two equally dark lines means good to go ovulation tests. Two lines on pregnancy and it's time to buy diapers! 

I recommend these to anyone trying to get pregnant. It's a great kit! 

I received this free to review. My opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mechanical Tire Gauge Review

This is the first tire pressure gauge that I have ever been able to work. It's so simple. I also think it looks cool. I love the bright vibrant red color. It makes it easy to find in my messy van! I mean come on why do tire gauges have to look boring when they can look like this.
This tire gauge is accurate and easy to read. The numbers are clear, even for someone who sometimes has trouble seeing like myself. I rally do need to give in and go get glasses. 

This tire gauge is durable and well made. I think this will be the only one I will ever need. This is top quality and made with care!

I recommend this to everyone! They are awesome.