Thursday, April 30, 2015

MY Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge Review.

There is nothing better than a good face wash with a great konjac sponge and that's just what I got with this My Konjac sponge.This sponge feels hard like a stone before it gets wet, but with a little water and an awesome soap it's as soft as a pillow. In fact it kind of feels like a pillow! 

I love the way my skin feels after using this. It's soft and refreshed. It's like the sponge brought my skin to life and it glowed with happiness. I have had less break outs and discoloration since I've been using this. They are easy to dry. I just hand mine on my shower hook and it's ready to go the next time I want to use it. 

These sponges are made with vegetable fibers so they are all natural. Best of all they are never tested on animals. That's a huge plus for me! 

Overall these are a top quality product!

I recommend these to everyone! 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Wine Aerator by Bar Brat Review.

I have received a few bottles of cheap wine over the years. You know the kind, it's got a funny flavor and just isn't great. I didn't think anything could improve it and then I tried this Bar brat aerator. It improved my wine tremendously. 

This aerator is easy to use. I just connected it inside the bottle and that was it.; It was that simple! This actually helps with the flow of wine into the glass as well. Its not so tight that it's hard to take out and it's not so loose that it falls out. It fits just right. 
It has a sleek, modern design that adds to the appeal of my wine bottles. I don't mind using this when I have guests over. It's the perfect addition to my home bar!

I recommend this to anyone looking for a great aerator. 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream Review

This Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 cream is so convenient. B12 is so good for your cells and many other parts of your body. With this cream one doesn't have to worry if they are deficient. 

This cream is so easy to use. The pump top makes sure just the right amount is used. There's no second guessing if you are using too much or too little. I just rub it into my skin and that's that. I know I am getting the B12 I need! 
I love that this doesn't leave my skin oily or sticky. One wouldn't even be able to tell where I rubbed it in! It also absorbs quickly so I don't have to worry about it rubbing off on clothes or furniture. 

Overall this is a top quality product. I wish all my vitamins were this easy!

I recommend this to anyone who needs B12.

Black Derby Hat (Unisex) Review

My son was so excited to add this to the kid's dress up chest. He loves hats and is always excited to get a new one. I love when the hats are well made like this one so they last! 

This derby hat is designed perfectly. It's shape is spot on and is maintained even with the roughest of play. The ribbon adds to the authentic feel of this hat. It reminds me of my teens when everyone wanted a derby hat. 

This hat is get for a costume, but also to wear with an outfit. My daughter has a funky sense of style and matched this up with on of her outfits and it looked great. 

I recommend this to anyone looking for a great, well made, costume derby hat!

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nuphorin™ Anxiety Relief Review

I have nine kids so the fact I can be stressed is no surprise to anyone I'm sure. I have always had a tenancy to have anxiety and that's only increased with age. So when I had the opportunity to try these pills I was excited. 

Within a few days I was for sure mellower. Even my daughters noticed. I felt better mentally a well as physically because the two do go hand in hand. I loved that the pills are naturally so I don't have to worry about what I am putting into my body. 
Another plus about these are the pills are just the right size to make them easy to take. They aren't too big nor too small. They also don't have a nasty smell or aftertaste.

Overall this is a great product that does what it says it will. 

I recommend this to the stressed, 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Seat Cover for Dogs & Pets to Protect Your car Review

The worst part of taking our dog in our car is the mess. She leaves fur and drool everywhere. I used to have to clean the car every time we took her somewhere. That's why I was elated to try this seat cover for dogs and pets.
The cover was so easy to install and even anchored for extra safety. It even left a place for the seat belts to come through so the kids could still ride in the car as well. I was happy with how tightly this went in so I didn't have to worry about it or my dog sliding around. 
The seat cover is waterproof so even the drooliest dog isn't getting the car seats wet! The fabric is soft and cozy so the kids and the dog love it. I love that it's washable!

Overall a top quality product!

I would recommend this to anyone with dogs. 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum Review

This Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping serum is a really great product. I started using it about a week ago and already am seeing a difference in the appearance of my butt and belly. This serum seems to be smoothing my cellulite and giving me a more youthful appearance to my most droopy parts. 

This serum is easy to use. I just smooth it across my skin and that's that. It doesn't leave a nasty sticky or oily feel. My skin is left feeling clean and refreshed. Most of all it's soft and silky! 

I love the warming effect I get from this serum. It just makes my skin feel alive! 

Overall this is a top quality product I will be keeping as part of my beauty routine. 

Best of all it's paraban free!

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Coosh Rapid MFI Certified Car Charger Review

This Coosh Rapid MFI certified car charger is really awesome. It charges my devices quickly and efficiently. 

All I had to do was plus this into my car lighter port and I was good to go. My phone hooked right in and charged at speeds that surprised me. My phone has never charged so quickly. I love the LED indicator. My kids love that they can even charge their ipads with this! 

The cord strecthes, which is great when I need to put my phone a little further from me. This has many features some other car chargers don't. It really is worth it's affordable cost. 

Overall this is a top quality product I would recommend to anyone who owns Apple devices. 

I received this to review. My opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Pacifier Clip "Ladybird" Review

This beautiful, handmade pacifier clip is carved from wood found in German forests. How cool is that? I love all the little details put into making this. From the spots on the ladybug to the bright vibrant colors, everything is perfect. The clip hooks to my sons clothes tightly so there is no chance of it slipping off. The pacifier cord goes around the pacifier in a way it won't fall out. This is sure to save many a pacifiers from falling to the ground. Which is a huge risk for thrush. 
 This pacifier clip is sure to be complimented on many times as ours has. I couldn't be more thrilled with the quality and workmanship put into this!

I would recommend this to anyone with a baby.

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Sentey 4 port charger review

There are multiple reasons why this 4 port charger rocks. First of all it has so many useful features. One is it plugs into the wall, therefore not taking up desk space. Desk space in this house is high commodity.
It charges multiple devices quickly and effectively. This charges even faster than the plug that came with my phone! 
 It is so easy to use. I just plus my device cord in and it charges. I know it's working when the little blue light is on. It's fool proof! 
This charger comes with a nice carrying bag, which is awesome because hotels never have enough plugs for all of our things! Now I can just carry this wherever we go and not have to worry about someone having to wait for their phone to charge.
This 4 port charger is well made and durable. I have no doubt this quality product will be with us for many years to come. 
I recommend this to anyone looking for a multiport charger!
I received this to review. My opinions are mine and mine alone. 

I received this to review. My opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quirky posters/prints by Pop Chart Lab: Product Review

I am so in love with these posters! Our family is a little quirky so the baseball poster we received fit in perfectly with who we are. Each of these posters has a ton of work and thought put into it. Our baseball one for example has worldwide teams broken down by plants, animals, etc. Then they are broken down into even more detailed subcategories. Truly awesome! 
The posters have bright, vivid colors that make them fit into modern designs. My poster was numbered, which I love. That means not everyone and their brother will have the same poster as me. It is perfect for framing, in fact would look better framed! 
I love all the different choices they have in posters and each is unique and just as detailed as all the others. Overall these are great pieces of artwork that will fit into homes or offices. 

I recommend to those who are looking for cool artwork. 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

Best Natural Tripe Sticks Promo Review + Giveaway

My dog loves these treats. They are like doggy crack to her. She even tries to steal them and she never steals food. They are just that tempting to her. I love that they are chemical free and do so many good things for our dog. There is nothing in the world I want more for her than to live a long, healthy life. 

I am very impressed by the quality and care put into making these.

I would recommend these to everyone with a dog. 

To learn more or by click here.  To try and win scan down. 
I received these to review My opinion is my own. 

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