Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Life & Food Garcinia Cambogia Supreme 80% HCA Review

So I'm fat. I blame quitting smoke and nine children for my extra chub. It couldn't be the Hohos and cheeseburgers. I was excited to try these Life and food Garcinia Cambogia supplements. I had heard good things about them and hoped they could help. sure enough within a few weeks of trying I am eating less and starting to drop weight. 
The pills are just the right size to make them easy to take. They are no overly big or small. They don't have a nasty smell nor do they leave a gross after taste. They are really easy for me to take as part of my daily routine. I was surprised how quickly I began to see results. My appetite dropped tremendously within a few days. That's a huge deal as I have been replacing cigarettes with food. 

Overall these are a great quality supplement made with awesome ingredients. I would recommend them to anyone trying to lose weight and gain energy!

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I received these free to review. My opinion is my own. 

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