Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chantilly Supreme Enzymes Review

Have you ever farted and cleared a room? I have. Although I was proud my family was grossed out. I have been having issues like this since my last pregnancy. I think my belly just isn't right still. I decided to give these Chantilly Supreme Enzymes a try and see if they would help. To my surprise gas wasn't the only thing it helped with.
As I stated above it did help with my gas. In fact it's rare that I have issues with that anymore and when I do I'm not as stinky. Another thing I noticed was that I don't have heartburn nearly as often or as bad. I feel so much better overall and I know my family is happier without being upwind of me! The pills are just the right size to take easily. They aren't too big or small. They also don't have a nasty smell or taste. Overall a great product. 
I recommend this to anyone with tummy issues. It really does work!

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