Thursday, April 23, 2015

How much laundry does our family of 11 use?

This is about how much laundry we go through in a day. This is not adding in if kids change clothes for whatever reason, peed on sheets and or blankets (we do have toddlers), towels for messes, dishcloths etc. Just a round about. We make an average of 3 loads in our super washer a day. (Not saying I keep up). There have been days Dave has to go buy socks in the morning. Don't judge usually we all have undies...usually. 

Towels- 11
washcloths- 11
Underwear- 9
bras- 4
pairs of socks- 11
pants- 11
shirts- 11
Pj's- 11
baby outfits-2 
cami's- 2

Here is how it breasks down. 

Husband-                                            Me-
Work pants                                         Pajamas 
work shirt                                            Towel
work socks                                          socks
pj pants                                                underwear
jeans                                                    bra
shirt                                                     jeans
underwear                                           shirt
clean socks

Teens and preteens                           baby
3 bras                                                onsie
4 underwear                                      PJ's
4 shirts                                              outfit
4 jeans                                               outfit
4 pairs of socks                                 socks                          
4 towels                                            towel 
2 cami's                                             washcloth
4 washcloths
PJ pants
3 sets pj's

4 pj's
4 shirts
4 pants
3 underwear
3 pairs socks
4 towels 
4 washcloths

Now don't get me started how many pairs of shoes we have!

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