Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm not quite to menopause yet, but my mother is in the thick of it. She has been having a really hard time managing symptoms so I figured I'd use her as my tester for this product.

We began to notice a difference within a few days. Her hot flashes had decreased dramatically and she was sleeping way better. She wasn't waking up in a sweat. She was more energetic and in a much better mode. 

I was happy about all the vitamins that are in these pills. I want my mom to be around a good long time and these pills can help make that happen. From Vitamin A to St. Johns wart these pills ahve everything!

The pills are just the right size to take easily. They aren't too big or small. That makes it easy for my mom to keep these as part of her daily routine. 

Overall a great product I would recommend to all menopausal women. 

I received these free to review. 

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