Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lunch Bag Hango - Set of Two Sizes (Small &Large) Review

These lunch bags are not only stylish, but functional. Sometimes you have to give up one for the other, but not with these Hango lunch bags. They hold a lot of food. I was able to put a sandwich, chips, and a snack into the big bag with lots of room left and a can of pop and ice pack into the smaller bag. 

These lunch bags are well insulated so that my cold food stays cold for a long time. I haven't tried it with warm food, but I expect that they will stay warm. By adding an ice pack I was able to triple the amount of time things stayed cold. 
The bag handles are easy to carry and when I was finished with lunch I was able to put the smaller bag in the bigger one. I just washed them clean with warm water and dish soap. These bags look great to so they can easily be used for school or the office. I would even use them for a picnic.

I recommend these to anyone looking for a great lunch bag!

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I received these to review. My opinions are my own. 

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