Saturday, April 18, 2015

18" BBQ Grill Brush with Scraper Review

When your husband "forgot" to clean the grill before storing it for the winter it makes cleaning it come spring a nasty job. Of course that job fell upon me because if it wasn't for me nothing would get done. Just saying. 

Anyway, I fired the grill up and let it run for a few minutes on high and then got to work with this brush. The scrapper took off all the chunks of old food and ash. It didn't even take a lot of effort. I then turned it over to use the brush side. Again this brush made easy work of a gross job. The grease and left over nastiness rubbed right away leaving nice shiny grates. I also used this in our smoker to scrap away old debris and it did wonderfully! 

The handle was easy to grip and my hand didn't slip off it. I was able to hook it on the hook on the side of the grill for easy storage and future use. It is made with high quality materials, assuring it will last a really long time!

I recommend this to anyone with a grill. 

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

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  1. Nice information!!! Grates need to be cleaned after every use. This will prevent food scraps and fat from coagulating and sticking to the gates and becoming impossible to remove. It is best to use a grill Brush with immovable or very stiff bristles that can cut hard into the grill grates. When cleaning the grates before you cook you should wait until the grill has heated up, which softens the food and grease so that it can be removed.