Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Francois et Mimi Roll-Top Stainless Steel BreadBox Review

I rarely see breadboxes in peoples houses anymore so I was excited to try this. It reminded me of when I was a little girl at my grandmothers and grabbing the bread out of the breadbox to help her make sandwiches for my grandfathers lunch. 

This breadbox is sleek and modern. It matches my stainless steel appliances beautifully. It looks almost spaceaged and just has that cool feel about it. Like something you'd see in a hip cafe. 

The lid is easy to pull open and closed. It looks like it rolls back, which is another cool feature. I have gotten so many compliments on this already! Everyone wants to know where they can get one too. 

The stainless steel is easy to clean and has a beautiful shine. It's durable and sturdy. I have no doubt this will be part of our kitchen for years to come. 

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this to review. My opinions are 100% my own. 

Reusable Food Pouches Review

Over the past few months I have become a huge fan of food pouches. They are neater, easier, and more convenient than a bowl and spoon. Most of all kids think they are so cool. 

These reusable food pouches are so easy to use. I just open the end of it. It's a zip lock end and pour the food in. We have used them for everything from applesauce to puddling. These are perfect for my kids lunch box and are part of our green living. We aren't wasting plastic spoons and plastic dishes. I love anything reusable!
Kids think these are cool because they are something different. Even my 11 year old doesn't mind taking one of these full of pudding in for her lunch. She always tells me how cool the other kids think they are. 

The kids stay neater on the go. It helps keep their hands and their clothes neater. Since they aren't using a spoon and dropping food all over themselves. 

I received this free to review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Cooking Gloves used for Baking Review

These cooking gloves are wonderful. They can withstand heat to 350 degrees and keep my hands safe while using the oven. I have also used them for taking out hot light bulbs. 

These attractive gloves come with a really adorable butterfly magnet, which I love. The color of the gloves is bright and vibrant. I love the way they look hanging on the hooks in my kitchen. These aren't my moms boring old pot holders. 

The gloves are easy to put on and take off and are comfortable to wear. They are almost pillowy, which is an odd thing to say about silicone, but it's true. I love products that are not only functional, but comfortable.

I recommend these to anyone who loves to bake. They can also be used for grilling, but we haven't tried them for that yet. 

I received this to review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

SM-165 Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

My mother has COPD and my daughter has asthma so this SM-165 Finger Pulse Oximeter is very important to have around our house. It's easy to store so we know right where it is when we need it. 

This Finger pulse oximeter comes in a convenient carrying case with a strap that makes it easy to carry it around. This would be great for nurses or other health care professionals. The pulse oximeter is lightweight as well. Altogether very portable.This is easy to read. The screen is clear and the numbers bright and large. I love that you can see a read out of your heart beat as it takes you blood o2. It's accurate and  can be depended upon. It worked for me, my daughter, my mother, and my father. We all have drastically different finger sizes. 
This is a great quality product that anyone would love to have in their home or the health care setting. I would recommend this to everyone from nurses to mothers. It's easy to use and read so anyone can use this. 

I received this to review. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Now that's just gross!

Reposted from: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Now that's just gross!

Talking to my friend this morning I am reminded of some of the gross stuff that has happened in my house. Keep in mind while reading this that these incidents are spanned out over 13 years and seven kids! If you have a weak stomach stop reading now.

The great puke slip and slide:
This is one of the grossest things that has ever happened to me. My daughter was about six at the time and had a bad stomach bug. She went running for the bathroom, but didn't quite make it and vomited on the floor. She was crying so I went running to help her. I didn't see the puke and went sliding across the hallway floor into the bathroom. Needless to say she stopped crying and was laughing at me. Yeah, real funny. That's what I get for trying to be super mommy and save the day!

Poop is not paint:
My daughter (Notice a pattern her the girls did most of the gross stuff) was about a year and a half old when this infamous event occurred. I was going up the stairs to get her out of her crib when I smelled something. I knew before I got into her room something very nasty had happened. There she stood in her crib, happy as can be, covered head to toe in poop. It was in her hair, her teeth, between her toes, and under her nails. My husband carried her down the stairs at arms length telling her how nasty she was. 
I surveyed her room. Everything within her reach from the crib had a nice coating of crap on it. She even managed to get the curtains. Her artistic ability showed even then. It took me over two hours to wash away all the poop. It was even rubbed up and down every crib rail. I wish I could say this was my only experience with poop painting, it's not. 

Hey, that's not a....
Yes, bodily fluids. They are all nasty and yet we find humor in others misfortune with them. Why though, does the misfortune always have to happen to me? I won't mention which children did the following, nor will I go into detail. I'll just put my immediate responses to the situations.

Cat water bowls are not a toilet!!
Stop, don't poop on the floor, big girls use the potty.
Don't ever and I mean ever pee in the toy box again!
Don't wipe that on your sister!
Are you F**king serious right now?
Eww, put the toilet paper back in the toilet, now you need a bath!

Yeah, that's not chocolate!:
This is the story that led to this post. Devony had a bunch of hard poop balls in her diaper. I wasn't paying attention when I was changing her and she must have snatch one. Next thing I know she's putting something in her mouth, spits and yells Poooooop, Poooooop! I admit I laughed at that one. 

I hope you all got a laugh out of the sampling of nastiness that I have had to deal with over the years. There are many a days when I sit back and say might as well get a puppy!

Ultra Flex Knee Brace & Ankle Support Review

I was pleased to try this knee and ankle support because I have just started to workout. I am working up to running and with my weight now needed some support so as not to hurt myself. These fit that need perfectly. 

The knee support is easy to put on and stays on securely. It doesn't slip around or come unhooked. It adjust to just the right size for me. I have thicker thighs than calf's so getting the right fit isn't always easy. I was thrilled that this adjusted so nicely to my size and shape. Not too many products can do that so perfectly.

This knee support was comfortable so I didn't mind wearing it for a long period of time. It wasn't scratchy and didn't have places that poked into me. Overall this is just a great quality knee brace.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good knee and ankle brace. It's well worth it's price.

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this to review. All opinions are my own.

USB Charger 45w 6-port Family-sized Rapid Charger Review

Having such a large family we have a lot of devices. That means a lot of outlets being cluttered with plugs. I am constantly having to move tablets, phones, and ipads just to vacuum.  I shouldn't have to worry about that anymore now that we have the USB chargers 45w 6-port family rapid charger. It not only allows us to charge 6 devices at once, but it charges them fast! 
My phone charged in half the time it would if I had it plugged into a normal house outlet. I was also happy to see it has a light indicator when my phone is finished charging. No guessing is awesome. This charger doesn't take up very much space so we can keep it just about anywhere. It's also extremely safe, which is a huge deal for me. I've heard too many stories about chargers and phones starting fires. 

This rapid charge is high quality and well worth it's price. It's so handy to have around and it's easy to use. It doesn't get much better than that.

I recommend this to anyone who has a lot of devices and needs outlet space!

I received this to review. All opinions are my own. 

K2R-803 Portable Power Bank Review

Have you ever had a portable power bank that has enough power to charge your phone 4 times? Me neither, until now. I can not express to you how wonderful it's been to have this K2R-803 portable power bank. I can charge mine and my husbands phones while we are out and about. I don't have to worry about missing a call from the kids or schools.

The led cords tell me when my phone is charging and when it's done charging. That is such a great feature. No guessing it tells me! It also comes in a nice box I can carry it in my purse in. It's a tad too big to carry in my pockets. 
My phone and my tablet were both able to plus into this with no issues and charge fully. I love that I can use it for so many of our devices. It's the only portable charger I will ever need! 

I recommend this top quality charger to anyone looking for a great power bank!

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this to review. All my opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

Intensive Eye Gel Review

Radha Beauty is a company I have grown to love and trust. Their products are top notch and work great. This eye gel is no different. 

This eye gel absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky or oily film. The skin under my eyes is left feeling refreshed and soft. I don't get enough sleep and it tends to show in the bags under my eyes, but this gel really helps to make it not as noticeable.

I smooth a little under my eyes and watch as after a few days the fine lines begin to lessen. It has taken at least 5 years off my face, just by smoothing out that small area. Probably because the eyes are the first place to show age. 

Radha eye gel smells good and feels good. I look forward to using it daily as it freshens under my eyes and makes them feel good.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good eye gel. 

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this to review all opinions are my own. 

Leather Conditioner and Restorer Review

This is the miracle worker of leather! My husband had an old pair of leather boots that we thought had seen their last days. They were ready to be buried in the great trash pile in the sky. Then I said hold on let me try this After Life leather conditioner and restorer I have. Sure enough the leather began to shine again. It didn't look dull and faded anymore. In fact they looked almost brand new!  I was thrilled.
I love that this also protects from weather. I rubbed some onto my daughters sneakers to help protect them against the nasty weather we get here. This conditioner is easy to use and goes on smoothly. There isn't 500 steps to applying. It literally takes minutes. 

I love that this doesn't have a terrible, strong smell. I love that it has non toxic ingredients as well. It seems like almost everything today is full of poison. 

Overall this stuff works great and seems to be standing up with the hard use my family gives things. 

I recommend this to everyone looking for a quality leather conditioner and restorer.

I received this to review. All opinions are my own. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pure Raspberry Ketone Extract by Island Vibrance Review

I recently had the opportunity to try this Raspberry ketone Extract supplement. It's clinically proven to help burn fat and be an appetite suppressant. I haven't been taking them long enough to know if I am burning fat, but I have been eating less. That's a big deal. I have put on a ton of weight due to replacing cigarettes with food. I haven't been snacking nearly as much and even at dinner I have been eating less. 
These supplements are easy to take. They aren't too big or small. The pills are just right for swallowing. It doesn't have a horrible taste or smell. In fact it doesn't have an after taste either. All thee factors make it easy to keep up on taking this daily. 
If all that wasn't good enough for every bottle purchased Island Vibrance donates a dollar to help feed starving children. You will feel as good as I do about using this product!

I recommend this to everyone looking to lose weight.

I received this to review. My opinions are my own.