Friday, March 20, 2015

Anti Aging Moisturizer Matrixyl 3000®

I know we've been over the fact I am old and love products that help me not show my age as much. This cream is one of my top shelfers. I loved it from the first time I applied it. The Uplifting Beauty Resurrect Anti-aging moisturizer goes on smoothly and feels great as it's massaged into my skin. It doesn't leave a sticky or greasy film, just a refreshing feeling that makes my skin happy. 

This moisturizer is made with awesome ingredients that all work together to turn back the signs of time on my face. My skin was so much healthier and smoother. I could literally feel my dry skin plumping after using this.

I love that I can put this moisturizer on in the morning and then put my makeup right on top of it because it absorbs so quickly. My skin is getting all the good stuff out of this and getting better because of it. I haven't had a healthy glow like this in a long time. More so after such a harsh winter. 

I would recommend this to everyone!

I received this free to review. All opinions are my own. 

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