Friday, March 6, 2015

Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool Review

I have tried a lot of pet combs over the years, but none work as well as this one! They weren't nearly as cool either. This comb literally cleans the hair out itself. You just push a button and the fur pushes off the comb. I have combed and combed my cats and still they'd shed all over the place. I could never get enough hair out. Then I tried this. The more I combed the more hair came out. I was staring to worry my cat was going to be bald when I was fished. There was so much hair I had to start a pile. 
The comb is easy to use. You just push it through your pets for like any other comb. Then push the button and it ejects the fur out. It comes with a cover for the comb and is easy to take apart to clean it all out good. The Fur Master comb is easy to grip and won't slip out of your hands. 

I have no doubt any pet owner will find this to be the best comb they have ever owned. I know my cats loved it too. Now whenever they see the comb they come running to get a turn.

                                                                    The start of our pile

I recommend this to all pet owners. 

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this free to review. Above is mine and my cats honest opinions. 

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