Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vitamin C Lotion [Natural Moisturizer] Review.

I love lotions and potions for my face. Anything that will make me look younger and healthier is A okay in my book. This Foxbrim Vitamin C lotion is wonderful. It smells so good and goes on smoothly and easily. Just a drop smoothed across the skin is all it takes to see results within a week for me.

I noticed my skin tone evening out and looking perkier and healthier. Something other skin creams haven't been able to do. It absorbed quickly leaving no nasty residue on my skin. I love the cool refreshing feeling as I apply it and that my face feels clean afterwards. 

A good moisturizer is a must have and I am so glad I was able to try this. It's now part of my daily beauty routine. 

I recommend this to everyone looking for a great vitamin C lotion. 

To learn more or buy click here.

I received this free to review and love it! 

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