Thursday, March 12, 2015

When you start shooting cops. Wake up Ferguson!

Yes, I get it, there are bad cops and the media likes to point that out daily. The ignore the fact that there are way more good police officers. We all know my view on the news media though, they like to find a story and roll with it no matter if it's biased or not.

Truth be told how many little children say they want to grow up to be a police officer? A lot! Why, because they still see the police as heroes and protectors and most are. They don't say I want to be a police officer so I can grow up and racially profile people and kill them. They want to save lives not take them. Now lets say that little boy with big dreams is 18 now. He is watching the news and sees police officers attacked and shot. He always knew there was a risk with being an officer, but not like that. Not ambushed by people while trying to keep the peace. He sees police being moving shooting targets. Maybe that 18 year old changes his mind now.

So here we are in the future. Less and less people want to be officers. The same people being attacked now are the ones the people attacking would call if their house was being robbed, their car stolen, their child hurt. Who do you call when no one is left that wants to answer? When no more children want to grow up to be heroes?

Let's even set all that aside and look at it from another angle. You want to protest that's awesome! Do it, protest brings change. I'd say most of the protesters are peaceful just as most cops are good. I think of Martin Luther King and his peaceful protests. Cops weren't shot even though these protesters were met with such abuse we couldn't even imagine it today. That's because Martin Luther King knew violence would do nothing but ruin the cause. It could bring no change, no good.

So shame on the shooters who are ruining the change good people are trying to bring. They make our country look awful to the rest of the world. The shooters whether black or white being shame to Martin Luther King and all he had done. They bring shame to the city of Ferguson just as the bad officers do.

And for the love of everything holy stop watching the news! Search for some feel good news about police officers!!!!!!! If you can't find some on your own I've compiled a list of a few:

Officer saves woman from being hit by a train.

Cop saves teen from sliding car.

Officer saves teen from drowning.

Officer averts train crash.

Officer finds woman in snow.

I'll stop there but the list goes on!

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