Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interview with Fonda J Kerr author of Emptiness: Logan The Beginning

Emptiness: Logan the Beginning 
      Experience the life of a killer a chilling tale full of suspense, you don't know what is going to happen it always keeps you guessing.
 A fictional thriller that will get under your skin.
 Logan has always been odd most people would call him a psychopath, but you have to really get to know him to understand why he does the things he does. Live through the eyes of a killer see what he sees feel what he feels embrace the emptiness. 

About Fonda:

Fonda J Kerr Bio 

Fonda j Kerr has been writing since she was a kid, she has 20 years writing experience
She loves writing poems, songs, different genre of book from thriller to fantasy. Currently she has a poem being published in an upcoming book of poetry. She lives in northern California where she enjoys writing in the sunshine. Author of Emptiness Logan the beginning a chilling new series. 

                         MOTHER'S INTERVIEW WITH FONDA:

Mother: What made you write this book?   
Fonda: I wrote this book because I have always been fascinated by killers and why they do the things they do and I thought why not write a book from the killer's perspective.

Mother: Which character is most like yourself and why?  
Fonda: Emily resembles me a little so I guess she would be the most like me

Did anyone you kill off happen to resemble someone in real life? 
Fonda: No.. Everyone I wrote was from my imagination lol
Mother: I always killed of real life people in my books. That's why I asked. Try it out in your next book. You'll love it. 

mother:What was the hardest part of writing this book?   
Fonda: I would say finishing it was the hardest part of writing my book I knew what I wanted to write and why so all I had to do was put my thoughts to paper so to speak...

Mother: What was the most for filling? 
 Fonda: Just being a published author has always been my dream and fulfilling that is my dream come true.
Mother: There's nothing like the moment you see the word accepted!

Mother: What is the most flattering thing a reviewer has said so far? 
 Fonda: I would say being unique and having my writing style compared to Alfred Hitchcock.

Mother: If you could meet any author, living or dead who would it be and why?  
Fonda:  I would say Edgar Allen Poe because I really like his writing, I write poetry also so I can relate and understand most of his stories and poems. 

Mother: What is your greatest hope and aspiration?  
Fonda:  I would have to say, reaching millions of readers with my words just having some effect on their lives means the world to me. 
Mother: Keep up the great writing and you'll do just that.

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