Thursday, March 12, 2015

Isecas The Dream Cat: And The New School Review

Preston Squire did a wonderful job writing this book. It touches on subjects that are so important to children such as self esteem and bullying. I really think it would benefit all children to read this book and have a discussion about it in school. The more kids learn about treating others with kindness and respect the better!

Sahar doesn't want to go to school. She feels alone and out of place in her new school. Not only is she in a new school, but a whole new country, learning a whole new language. That's when Isecas comes into her life and changes everything. Soon everything gets better for Sahar and everyone around her.

This book is well written in a way older kids can understand. It deals with topics which are of importance to them and will keep their attention. They will all wish they had an Isecas in their lives. Preston Squire did a great job of bringing his characters to life with the real life situations they face. The depth of each character makes them come alive in the readers heart where they'll stay for a lifetime. 

The illustrations are beautiful and rich. The vibrant colors make everything pop and they all go along with the story perfectly. 

Overall this is a great story I would recommend for kids 8-13. 

I received this to review all opinions are my own. 

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