Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dreamy lighting review

I was thrilled to get an opportunity to try Dreamy lighting from Xtek4u. I was impressed the moment I opened the box and saw how well put together and sturdy the lights were. The copper wire was easy to bend so we could have made designs, but my daughter just wanted them to wrap around her room for that party effect. I allow the teens to do whatever they want with their rooms and apparently this is the new thing in this area. I know as soon as my girls saw these lights they couldn't wait to get them up and turned on. 

The Dreamy lights were really easy to install. we used standard hooks along the edge of the wall and just looped the copper wire over. It's so lightweight we could have used the stick up hooks as well. These are way easier to hang than even Christmas lights. It's all because of that copper wire. It weighs practically nothing. 

The wire is so thin we almost couldn't see it once it was up, which added to the cool effect when we turned them on. They have a memorizing effect that draw the eyes to them and keeps them there. 
They change lighting patterns to keep them interesting and have that party effect. These would be great in a club, party, bar, etc. There are countless designs they can be shaped into. Just an overall excellent quality product.

I recommend these to anyone looking for unique lighting ideas. Teens would really love these in their rooms or hangout space. 

I received these to review and think they are great!

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