Friday, March 6, 2015

La Beaute Pure Vitamin C serum review

There are so many Vitamin C serums on the market it's hard to decide which ones to use. I was recently given the opportunity to try La Beaute Pure Vitamin C serum and loved it. 

This vitamin C serum is easy to apply. Just a few drops smoothed across the face is all it takes. It doesn't leave a nasty oily or sticky film. My face was left feeling clean and refreshed. I began to notices results quickly after starting this. My fine lines were become less and less noticeable and my skin was glowing. My face felt better hydrated and plumper. It took at least a few years off my face. 

I love that this serum doesn't have a nasty smell or feel to it. It's just an overall great product that I would recommend to my friends and family. You can feel it's made with quality ingredients and your face shows it! 

I recommend this to everyone. 

To but this or learn more click here.

I received this product to review and LOVE IT! 

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