Sunday, March 22, 2015

MatiMati bandana bib review

There are bibs and then there are awesome bibs. These MatiMati bandana bigs are beyond awesome. Your child will be the hit of the playground in these.

I couldn't believe how adorable my son looked when I put this bib on him.  I almost want to run out and get him a cowboy hat to go with these. We have a local theme park that has a cowboy gun fight show. I can't wait to take him in these bibs. My son is a little chunky so not all bibs fit him just right. Sometimes they are really tight. I was happy to see the MatiMati bibs fit him perfectly. I also love they have the button back so there's no risk of choking the baby like with a tie back. These bibs were designed by someone who really knows and understands babies.

The bibs come in many colors and patterns. They have girls, boy, and unisex. So everyone can find some to meet their needs. We had the unisex set and the designs were adorable. The material is soft and durable. They are very absorbent, which is great because my son is a drooler. He also loves to chew on the bib. 

I am not into the run of the mill bibs. Yea, I know some have cute sayings and pictures. I want to be  the one with the baby that has something not every other baby has. With these MatiMati bibs I have just that. We have already gotten so many compliments. People ask us where we got them and say they've never seen them before. At first they think I have a bandana around his neck, which is funny. 

I recommend these bibs to anyone with a baby or is expecting a baby. They would be a great shower or welcome baby gift. 

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I received these to review and think they are great! My opinions are 100% honest.

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