Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ebook - Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure Review

Tali Carmi did it again! She brought back Abigail in a wonderful adventure that will capture the imagination of children everywhere. I have grown to be a huge fan of her Abigail series and this book was not a disappointment. In fact she just keeps getting better.

In this story Abigail is whisked away to a tropical island on the magical bike her grandfather built for her. There she meets Lelei who along with a few others teach her about the island. Children will love the interesting facts in this book just as I did. 

Once again Abigail has to save the day when Lelei's birthday party is in jeopardy. I love that this Tali Carmi's stories have children as the heroes. It really gets the attention of young readers and makes them think they can be heroes too.

The illustrations in this book are spectacular. Everything is bright and beautiful as it should be on a tropical island. The pictures go well along with the story and bring the characters to live.

Overall, another well written book!

I recommend this for readers 4-8.

I received this free to review. 

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