Sunday, March 22, 2015

E-Joy water speaker

I love these E-joy water speakers from Happykeeper. I wanted to put them in the living room, but the teens stole them as soon as they came out of the box. Apparently they are "The coolest thing ever". I have to agree they are pretty cool. 

The speakers were easy to hook up. It only took a moment and we had music! The speakers work great. Much better than some speakers that are much larger than them. I was surprised at the quality and crispness of sound coming from them. They have more bass than I expected and the treble sounded clear and amazing as well. It's not easy to find such great sound in such a little package. It's great that they take up such little space so I can put them anywhere.
The lights are bright and beautiful. They really get the party going. They look amazing in a dark room or a well lit room. The water goes with the music and gives the coolest effects. The water streams light up making it look like a Vegas hotel pond. 

These speakers can hook up to just about any digital device and works the same. I prefer them playing rock, my kids, pop and R&B. I have attached a video of these speakers awesomeness. Pictures just can't capture how well these work. 

I recommend these to everyone! They are cool, compact, and fit with just about any decor. You'll love to watch them just as much as I do!

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I received these to review. All opinions are my own.

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