Friday, March 13, 2015

Stuffed animal hammock review

When you have as many young children as I do it's no supise their rooms are littered with toys. They love having a ton of stuffed animals, but rarely play with them so basically they just take up space in the toy box or on dressers, but not anymore! Not since I have the EpicKids Toy Hammock!

As soon as I opened the package my two year old took off with the adorable little penguin stuffy which comes with the hammock. She wouldn't allow anyone to touch it, she'd made her claim and would protect it. She ended up giving him an igloo home (The carrying bag the hammock came in). 

The hammock came with everything needed to hang it securely to any wall. It only took me about fifteen minutes to get it up and it's so secure it would take a lot to get those hooks back out! 

Once it was up we began to fill it with all my children's treasured friends. I was shocked to see how many animals actually fit into the hammock. We had twenty of varying sizes and could have fit more!

The hammock is made of thick, strong material. It's machine washable and since it hangs on the hooks will be a breeze to put back up. I can see this hammock outliving my kids childhoods!

I recommend this to anyone who has stuffed animals laying around. It's an adorable way to store and display them. 

I received this to review. All opinions are unbiased and my own. 

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