Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet |Review

What a treat it was to get the Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet. I believe there is powers in elements of our earth that can effect or health and emotions. I was the first one to give me baby an amber necklace when I heard it could ease the pain of teething. When I heard amber could build on bonding I was all over it! 

As soon as I received the box I was impressed by the beauty of it. The silky blue liner made the bracelet stand out even more. It caught the light beautifully. I was just drawn to it like a moth to flame. The beads were cool and smooth to the touch and just made me feel good. It looked so pretty in the box I almost didn't want to take it out. I thought about maybe just carrying the whole box around in my pocket, but then I wouldn't get the full effect. 

My nine month old was all over the bracelet as soon as he saw it. He was rubbing his tiny fingers over the beads. He would look at it and then back up at me like he was saying hey did you know you have something pretty on you. I noticed him cuddling a lot more and running his face on mine for kisses. He's a lovable boy, but so much more lovable when I am wearing this. Yes I tested the theory. He also hates my sister with a passion, but when he saw this on her he put his hands out to go. I was taken a back and impressed!

If that wasn't enough I was really surprised when my four year old started climbing up on my lap to check it out. He always wants to nuzzle with me and touch the bracelet. It's like he just mellows out for a bit and relaxes. He's not the relaxed sort. He's always up romping about.

The pictures on this blog post are actually of me and my four year old son. I could have cried when he took my hand like he did in the last picture. He never does that anymore. He said "I just want to hold your hand mommy". I quickly grabbed the cell and snapped a pic. I will charish that picture forever. 

This Rose Quartz baby bonding bracelet has brought me so much joy. I have no doubt it will be part of my daily wear for years to come and hopefully one day another baby will come into this house and will enjoy the power of it as well. 

I recommend this to anyone having a baby or who has a baby. It would make a great shower gift or a present for a new mommy. 

Right now you can save 15% by using the code HLUBYD42. This is only good until the end of March so hurry!!

I received this to review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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