Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cheraboo Kids folding step stool review


With 9 kids we have gone through our share of step stools and they always seem to break. They are either cheap plastic or the guides break. I have no doubt this Cheraboo kids folding stool will be with us a long time to come. It's heavy duty design makes it safe and durable for even large sized kids like mine. 

The Cheraboo kids folding step stool from the OdyseaCo is easy to fold and store. You simple lift up the heart and it folds neatly for storage. This one hand folding system makes clean up a breeze. The stool is lightweight enough my two year old can carry it around to wash her hands in the bathroom sink, get on the potty, and even help wash dishes. She can even fold and unfold it herself! It's a great way to make her feel like an independent big girl. 
My daughter loves this stool so much she sits on it all the time and won't let anyone else use it. The only time I have ever saw her through a fit over an object was when her sister tried to take this from her. She has marked her territory and she isn't moving! 

I recommend this to anyone with small children. You will love it and so will they! 

To learn more or buy please click here.

I received this to review and fell in love with it and so did my daughter. 

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