Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pure Raspberry Ketone Extract by Island Vibrance Review

I recently had the opportunity to try this Raspberry ketone Extract supplement. It's clinically proven to help burn fat and be an appetite suppressant. I haven't been taking them long enough to know if I am burning fat, but I have been eating less. That's a big deal. I have put on a ton of weight due to replacing cigarettes with food. I haven't been snacking nearly as much and even at dinner I have been eating less. 
These supplements are easy to take. They aren't too big or small. The pills are just right for swallowing. It doesn't have a horrible taste or smell. In fact it doesn't have an after taste either. All thee factors make it easy to keep up on taking this daily. 
If all that wasn't good enough for every bottle purchased Island Vibrance donates a dollar to help feed starving children. You will feel as good as I do about using this product!

I recommend this to everyone looking to lose weight.

I received this to review. My opinions are my own. 

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