Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be My cupcake gift pack Bath fizz review

Be My Cupcake gift pack Bath Fizz Review

I was excited to try out these beautiful bath fizzers from Lather and Fizz Bath Boutique. I have always been a fan of bath products more so beautiful and unique looking ones. The moment I saw this product I was pleased. The bath fizzers are so pretty and the detail on them blew me away. I could have sworn they were real cupcakes not bath fizzers. From the frosting to the cake base these are well put together and ready for display. Anyone would be thankful to receive these. 

This set comes with a cool bar of soap. I received the Mojo bar. I loved the colors and the smell was heavenly. I was happy to see the company also sent me some sample soaps or their unique scents. From banana to blueberry I've been smelling good for days now. I was telling my sister about the soaps and she was excited to hear they had banana apparently it's a popular scent for soap that's hard to find. All of the soaps from Lather and Fizz Bath Boutique smelled great and left my skin soft and silky.

The bath fizzers work great. I just followed the cute instructions on the package that included, get naked and I was ready for a spa like experience. The cupcake fizzers have a wonderful smell and fizz for a long time. I have never had any last as long as these did. I didn't want to get out of the tub. I could have laid there for hours relaxing in the luxury, but as usual the kids found me and my fantasy of being at the spa was ruined. 

There are a lot of bath products on the market, but none that I have found compare to the stuff from Lather and Fizz Bath Boutique's awesome items. I can not express how impressed I am by the quality and design of their bath fizzers and soaps. 

I recommend these to everyone who wants a spa like bath and loves to smell great! I also recommend this to those looking for unique bath products

I received this free to sample and love it! My opinions are honest and my own. 

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