Friday, March 13, 2015

Silicone Baking Cups (12 Pack) Review

I am quickly becoming a fan of silicone kitchen items. These Silicone baking cups are no different. In fact I think they are my new favorite baking item ever. They have simplified my life so much.

I have used these a few times since receiving them. No matter if I am making cupcakes or muffins they turn out amazing. They fall right out of the baking cup, holding the shape of the baking cups. This saves me from having to use cupcake liners, which my kids have bitten into by mistake before. It also saves me money not having to buy the liners over and over again. With as many kids as I have that's a huge savings. It also makes cupcakes neater and easier to decorate.

These silicone bakign cups are easy to wash. I have been hand washing them and they rinse right off. You can also put them into the dishwasher if you so choose. These silicone cups are easy to store. Once they are washed and dried they fit back into each other to make them neat and easy to go in a drawer or cupboard. 

I can't wait to try other recipes with these cups. Like mini pot pies and fruit pies, yum. I'm sure I will find hundreds of uses for them.

I recommend these for anyone who loves to bake.

I received these to review and love them. 

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