Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crib Mattress Protector Review.

Having a great crib mattress protector is essential to keeping your crib safe and comfortable for your baby. I can't even explain the things that leak out of babies. From snot to poop their cribs get nasty! After nine kids I have realized that unless I want to keep buying mattresses I need to protect them. 

The first thing I noticed was how soft it was. I mean I almost didn't want to put a sheet on the mattress because I knew how soft this would be against his face. You can feel it's thick and absorbent. I have no doubt this will take care of any diaper leak we may encounter. 

 I was thrilled with how easy this was to put on the crib mattress. Our is standard sized and the protector went on smoothly and hooked securely. I won't have to worry about this popping off in the middle of the night. The sheet went on top neatly and even that seemed more secure using this. Most other protector have a tenancy to slip off or are a pain to put on. I think that's why most people don't use them.                                                    

Overall I am more than happy with this Mattress protector. It's top quality design and wonderful materials make it an awesome product all parents should have. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has a baby or toddler that use a crib mattress. 

I received this free to review my opinions are my own. 

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