Saturday, March 21, 2015

Discover with Dr. Cool World's Best Geode Kit

I don't think my kids have ever had so much fun with science! My high schooler and preschooler did this together and had a ball! We did this in our mudroom as it is very mess, which increases the fun tremendously! 

 The Dr. Cool World's Best Geode kit has everything you need to discover and learn about geodes. We just provided the hammer. This is one instance I'd say it's okay to give a four year old a hammer. He was not strong enough to break open the geodes, but an older child would be. 

The rocks just look like regular rocks on the outside. There is no sign of the beauty which lies within. My daughter even commented that there was no way there was crystals inside of them. Before we began to crack them open we read in the provided guides how geodes are formed and learned about all the different crystals. This was a wonderful home learning experience.


 Before breaking opening our geodes we were sure to take safety precautions and put on the super cool safety goggles. Then it was cracking time! Oh how my children laughed as they took hammer to rock. I think maybe the coal miner in their ancestry came out a little. 

Mathew squealed with delight when the first rock opened and exposed the glittering crystals within it. Pictures don't do justice to the beauty of them. We pulled out our guide and looked up what we had discovered. It was quartz! How cool is that? 

We ended up with quartz and calcite in our kits. According to our guide quartz (The white crystals) are the second most abundant mineral in earths continental crust and the most common mineral in geodes. Calcite is a common constituent of limestone and also a common mineral found in geodes. 

This kit is a wonderful tool in learning all about geodes from how their formed to where they're found. Kids will have a great time learning about these and remember the lesson forever. This is a great hands on tool for any classroom or homeschooling lesson. 

I recommend this Discover with Dr. Cool World's best geode kit to everyone with kids! 

I received this to review. All opinions are mine and mine alone!

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