Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't run with scissors, common sense, and those who shouldn't have kids!

A picture of the teething necklace from their amazon page. 
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So recently I did a video review on a teething necklace and got a comment on it that inspired this post. Thanks random person! In the video I had allowed Willie to hold and play with the necklace while I did the video because, well I can't film him and myself at the same time because I'm not that talented. In the video at the very start I said this is for me to wear not him. The comment was long so I'll break it down to why it inspired this post:

 (Which you probably should've mentioned that babies should never be given necklaces themselves since they can be strangled by it. You know, for the same reason they put labels on things like "Do Not Use In the Tub" on a blow dryer or "Not For Eating" on a can of shaving gel. lol. I mean sadly, there are some people that need to hear these things. I know you were right there & would not let that happen but why not "advertise" the necklace for what it's for? Show it to us around your neck & him chewing on it.)

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! She says sadly there are some people that need to hear these things!!! these people shouldn't have children. I think what she means is there are people who don't supervise their children and then look for a loophole to sue a company so they can make themselves feel better about their stupidity when their child gets hurt.

I mean seriously lady! This is like telling someone don't let your child play with scissors or put a bag over their head. I mean obviously a normal person isn't going to allow a baby to play with cording. I mean a hair curler says for external use so does that mean whenever I review a hair curler I need to state don't put this in your mouth or in other areas? Maybe when I review oils and serums I should say hey, don't drink this! COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! If you lack it don't have kids.

Now don't get me wrong there are times where a parent has an error in judgement and a child gets hurt. I mean my child fell out of a tree. No one had a sign saying climbing trees can cause falls. I guess I should sue the good Lord for making trees so high. No, I was a dumb ass and allowed my ten year old to climb a tree and be a kid. I once had a candle holder and one kid dropped it down the stairs and it hit another child resulting in an ER worthy injury. Stupid candle holder didn't say don't drop down the stairs I'M SUING!

So people let me state clearly so no one gets hurt DON'T LET YOUR BABY PLAY WITH LONG CORDING!!!!!! Also...don't let them run with scissors, play with knives, light fires in the living room, drink bleach, jump off the top bunk onto a pile of stuffed animals while wearing a superman cape because the cape doesn't give them the ability to fly...etc etc etc......

Some people just shouldn't have kids, just saying.

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