Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Boys Sleep In Their Own Bed Review

It's pretty well known I am becoming a huge fan of Ayala Saar's books. She always writes children's stories that young kids can relate to and enjoy. 

In Big Boy's Sleep In Their Own Bed we meet Tommy who is four. He can do just about everything himself except he's scared to sleep alone. His father get's him a new friend to help him, Bunny Pally. Finally Tommy's not afraid anymore. He and Bunny Pally become best friends and he really is a big boy in every way.

My four year old loved this book. We have had issues getting him to sleep on his own and after reading this he asked for a Bunny Pally so he can sleep in his bed too. So we went to the store and he found a doggy pally. I really love that this book helps little children with a fear most have. As always Ayala Saar's books teach children a lesson.
The illustrations in this book are excellent and go along with the story perfectly. Bunny pally and Tommy really come to life with vivid colors and realistic facial expressions. 

I recommend this book to anyone with children between 3-6. 

I received this free to review all opinions are my own. 


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