Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bamboo crochet hooks

I love to crochet. I taught myself a few years ago using youtube videos. I have worked hard to prefect my craft and hopefully one day will be able to create blankets that are works of art. These crochet hooks bring me one step closer to that goal. 

These crochet hooks are not only beautiful, but they are functional. All the sizes needed to make just about anything are there. The hooks are clearly marked with their sizes and are easy to read. They are also designed in a way my hands don't hurt after a long time of crocheting  That is a huge deal to me because I can get more done. 
The hooks are accurate and are easy to work with. I can quickly find my size and the hooks go through holes smoothly without snagging the yarn. I can go from chaining to single stitch to shell stitch with ease. The handles are easy to grip and don't slip out of my hand. I also love that I can choose from a metal topped hook or a wooden topped hook depending on what I am making. This set is about as professional as it gets. 

The hooks come in a handy carrying case. Each hook has a place and fits into it beautifully. The case is sleek and easy to store. It's not too big and bulky. I love that I can carry it to doctors appointments and crochet while I'm waiting. That's convenience at it's best. 
I am extremely impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of these hooks. I have no doubt I will still be using them 30 years from now. These are top quality!

I recommend these to everyone who loves to crochet!

I received these to review. All opinions are my own. 

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