Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wine Aerator - Pourer Spout for Red and White Wine Review

Up until a few weeks ago I didn't know what a wine aerator was. I have always loved wine, yet had no clue. I'd been missing out. Wine aerators add flavor and life to the cheapest of wines. They can make a five dollar wine taste like a fifty dollar wine. They also make your wine last a lot longer. Both huge pluses in my book! 
This wine aerator really is sexy and sleek. It's something I love having in my home bar to show off. It also makes pouring wine a breeze. The aerator slips right into the bottle and stays in place until I take it out. 
The aerator is easy to clean and store. I keep ours right with the glasses on the bar. I really can't find any flaws with this product.

I recommend this to all wine lovers or the wine lover in your life. 

I received this to review. All opinions are my own.

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