Monday, January 16, 2017

Native Spring Box Grater Review

I was thrilled to get an opportunity to try out this Native spring box grater. I buy cheese by the block often because it saves me money. The biggest issue is always when it comes time to grate it. This handy tool really allowed me to cut back on the hassle

If I am going to be using only a small amount of cheese I leave the bottom on and all the cheese is self contained within the unit. For larger amounts I just pop off the bottom and use this in a bowl. It's that simple. I can even take off the bottom and back panel if I so choose. It really makes it quite easy to use for any task. 

The handle is easy to grasp and keep a hold of. I had a huge decrease in the amount of times I hit my knuckles. I suppose this even saved me money on band aides. I really like the whole overall design as it made it very easy to use this. 

I can pick multiple ways to grate the cheese from slices to grating fine Parmesan. This can do it all. Overall a great kitchen gadget that everyone will love! I would recommend this to friends and family. 

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I recieved this to review. My opinions are mine and mine alone. 

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