Tuesday, February 28, 2012

90 days

90 days have passed since I posted last. Did you miss me? I wish I could say I disappeared for good reasons, but as usual life has an unexpected way of piling a lot on us all at once. I won't go into details of all that has happened. We'll just say family deaths, medical reasons, and a few other surprises. The biggest of which was the death of my grandmother. It caused a depression that crept up on me and lingered for a while. The fog is finally lifting now and I am able to return my life to the hectic, craziness I am so used to.

Some other big things have happened in 90 days. Janelle learned to talk back! This may be a milestone most parents would like to skip, but for Janelle it means her communication is getting better. I gladly accept the arm crossing, eye rolling, and arguing from her as it reminds me of all the hard work she and I put in to get her to this point. Someone please refer me back to this post when she is 15 please.

Sara's PTS (pre-teen syndrome) is starting to turn to a full blown case of TDSS (Teenage door slamming syndrome). She's lucky she's on honor roll and semi helpful or I'd have broken child labor laws and forced her into finding a **Gasp** job. Yeah, I'm one of those parents who believe in good work ethic someone quick call the labor board and turn me in, I make my kids do laundry and do dishes. If it helps we often have to scratch yesterdays dinner off the "clean" plates so they aren't working too hard.

My girls rooms walls are now plastered with the faces of teen stars with overly large smiles and boys who hair covers half their faces. Seriously, when did I become that parent asking why do kids dress and do their hair like that? I mean come on I was trapped in the suburban baggy cloths and flannel style of the 90's. I hear their music and ask what happened to good bands like Nirvana and Blink 182. At least I brainwashed the oldest into liking good music. It's a reprieve in the day from the I'm sexy and I know it type songs. Someone quick, buy me a wicker chair and hand me a glass of ice tea so I can sit on the porch and yell you blasted kids get off my lawn!

Yes, a lot has happened in 90 days. It's a long time and a lot of changes in a large family. Oh, and the biggest change of all won't be announced for a few more weeks, but it's a big one!

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  1. Love the picture with the 2 youngest trying to escape!
    Losing a loved one just really sucks. Shop vac has nothing on that one.