Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to survive raising teen girls!

I never thought this would happen. My girls were my buddies, we did everything together and they told me everything. Then the teens years came. My sweet little princesses lost their damn minds! It was like pod people had replaced the kind, loving, sweet girls with these mean, door slamming, screeching shadows of what they once were. Now I had to find a way for us all to live together and survive. Now if having one teen daughter wasn't enough I have two with one more inching her way toward the horrific thirteens. I had to find a way to get through. So here is a list of my coping mechanisms... I mean tips to survival.

1. When they start yelling I just walk away gracefully. I hold my head high walk into the living room, sit down at the computer and post about how they ate poop as babies! Cruel, yes, but very effective on making me feel better.

2. When they ask for money this is the best time to get work out of them. They ask for five bucks I ask for a clean toilet. I always get the clean toilet!

3. Hide any food you plan on eating for yourself. Teens have no shame. I once caught my daughters friend taking hobo shots out of my Pepsi! You know who you are!

4. Get to know their friends. Talk to them, learn everything you can. Most of all love their friends. This will make a huge difference if your child is ever in trouble, but also helps the other teens as well.

5. This is by far the most important of all the rules. LOVE THEM. Love them despite the fact that sometimes you'd like to smack the teen right out of them. Love them even when they think you are the most annoying person ever. Remember that in a few years they won't be home anymore and your going to miss the slamming doors and the stomping feet. Best of all one day in the future they will have a teen and that by far is the best justice of all.

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