Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump on women

I don't give a crap who people vote for. I don't care if you vote Trump, Hillary, Gary Johnson, or write in your best friends, mothers, cousins, brothers, aunts, neighbor. You're vote is not my business. What is my business is what is put out there by people who are suppose to be role models. If you do choose to vote Trump however, and you have children you have a moral obligation to denounce the things he has said about women. The latest being the worst by far!

It is no secret I have ten children and a mouth like a freakin sailor. I, in fact could probably make a sailor blush with the swear words that can spew from my mouth. What you will never hear is me demoralizing other human. I guess I am not so shocked by what Trump said. I am more shocked by people defending it as locker room banter. I have an 18 year old son and have been around a lot of teen boys and men in my life. I have never heard them say the things this man has. I mean come on "Grab her right by her pussy" What the hell is that???? That's rape and sexual assault, that's what that is! That is not locker room banter. If my son or any man in my life spoke those words I would slap the taste out of their mouth. If any man ever said or tried to do that to my daughter he'd be pulling a foot out of his mouth for sure!

By trying to defend this as locker room banter you not only add to the rape culture in America you teach your daughter or your sons that these words and actions  are okay. Like I stated above you want to support Trump go for it, but make sure you teach your kids that these words and actions are not okay! If you think they don't hear about or see them on the news or social media guess again.

We already live in a culture that I have had to protect my daughters against many times and almost always from older men. My oldest daughter has been followed by adult men starting at age 16. She has had comments made to her walking around town or while she was at her job. Yes, it's locker room banter until it's your daughter those words are directed at, right? Believe me father's if that was your little girl Trump spoke about grabbing the pussy of, what would you do? Mother's, what about you? Would it still be locker room banter?

Now mother's and father's what if it was your son who said these things? Would you defend him or slap the taste out of his mouth? Would you want your teen son to speak like that or be a respectful man? I don't know about you, but I want to raise men who love and respect their wives and daughters. Who respect all the women in their lives. I want my sons to tell a woman she is smart, beautiful, and worthy. I want them to see passed the things society judges women on. I want them to know women are not objects, but equals.

Now feel free to read passed everything I have said and claim this is just one more bias piece of writing by a lib, but please do so and then in the same breath turn to your little girl and tell her she is smart and can be whatever she wants. Teach her that sexual abuse verbally, physically, or in any form is unacceptable and not locker room banter. Teach your sons that women are to be respected and treated with dignity in all situations. Do it for your kids, but most of all do it for their future relationships!

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