Monday, February 8, 2016

Let me tell ya'all about my best friend (giveaway)

My daughter's always taking about her ride or die friend. I'm like what's a ride or die? I know my age was showing. Apparently it's the same as what I called my best friend aka my BFF. At my daughter's age my BFF's changed a lot as do hers. Friends come and go with the seasons, but sometimes a few of them stick around over the years and now for me, decades! I never thought the day would come I was have an s at the end of decade when talking about friendships.

My ride or die I met in Junior high. We were both a little awkward and odd. She was my partner in crime and the one who would have my back no matter what. To this day I know she still has my back. I say someone made me mad she will be the first to be like okay where you want me to hide the body. It's just the way we roll. She is my BFF.

We have never strayed far from each other in life. She stood by me as I had children and tried to put claim on a few of them. She was just blessed with her first baby girl after two boys and I cried for her. She has always been and will remain my sister from another mister. Speaking of sisters, her parents had accepted me as one of their own. I loved them with all my heart and mourned for weeks when they passed on. At me grandparents funeral she was one of the few people who I remember coming in and just hugging me. We know each other, she's my best friend after all.

She knows things about me that I will kill her if she ever tells my kids. She knows things even my husband never will. I think she knows things about me I don't even know, The funny thing is our paths led us in two different directions. I became Suzie homemaker, while she kept her free spirit. I am a born again Christian she's Wiccan. We have more differences than similarities, but I love her! She is my dearest friend!

When I think of famous movie BFF's I think of Thelma and Louise. I actually wonder if that's where the term Ride or die comes from. I mean we all know what happened there! I have been very blessed to have had my girl by my side for these DECADES! I look forward to racing the nursing home halls in our wheel chairs together. I love ya Belynda!

Now for the contest. I want to know about your BFF, your ride or die, your best friend! The winner will receive Thelma and Louise bracelets pictured below:

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  1. My BFF is my daughter. She is truly a sweet and giving person.