Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mosquito & Fly Repellent Incense

I was excited to get the chance to try these. I use natural products whenever I can for whatever I can. It's so much safer for my children and pets. There are quite a few of these sticks in this set so I can use them on more than one occasion. I use essential oils daily so I am thrilled that's what is used in the making of these. These oils include citronella and thyme, both which are know to repel and kill bugs.

The sticks come ready to use. I just stick them in the ground and light them. It's that simple. They let off a stream of scented smoke that forms an almost barrier around an area. They burn for a long time, providing long lasting protection. These will be great for using along the woods line at our fourth of July party.

I really love the concept of this product and I know these will become a must have for all our outdoor parties. They are simple to use and work. Those are the most important things! These would be great for picnics, camping, the beach. Anywhere there are bugs these should be!

Overall a great product.

I recommend this to anyone who has outdoor parties.

In received this to review. My opinions are my own.

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