Sunday, November 27, 2016

If you hold a baby too much you'll spoil them and other bullshit myths.

If you hold a baby too much you'll spoil them and other bullshit myths. 

As a mother of ten children I have heard every bullshit myth out there (don't get me started on the pregnancy ones). I have been told if you do this or that something horrible will happen.... yeah not so much! The reason this is on my mind is my husband keeps commenting that I have spoiled the baby because she cries until she's picked up therefore I must have held her too much, right? WRONG (Done in my best Trump voice)

Some babies just need an extra bit of comfort and security. I have held all my children just as much as babies and they were not all cling ons. My new baby is for sure a lot more clingy than the others, but come on all she knows is mommy is safe and she wants to feel that comfort all the time. She'll out grow it as she becomes more curious an mobile, just like most other clingy babies do. I think I'll just enjoy these first few months where all she wants is cuddled and loved on! Those days pass too fast. 

So please hold your baby when he/she wants held. It's great for bonding and trust building! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed though. My gram always told me sometimes they need to cry, it's good for the lungs (another myth, but hey, got to get stuff done!)

Another bullshit myth is babies who hit milestones faster are smarter. I can assure you from experience not true. I have seen some babies who walked at ten months they grew into some dumb ass teens and adults. Not saying my own kids because we all know mine are the smartest, best looking, gifted...moving on. 

So when you are listening to that mama brag how her son is saying mama at 8 weeks old and all your daughter can do is drool just remember that baby saying mama has just as great a chance at dumbasshood as any other baby. Side note if you're the braggy mom just don't no ones impressed! 

Baby walkers and jumpers help babies to walk faster. Nope, sorry guys this one is also false. In fact it can make them walk later (trust me not always a bad thing). If you are hoping for an early walker do not invest in these products. However, I will say I own them and I am not ashamed. I have to get the dishes done, right? She'll walk at some point. It's not a race. 

Another myth that drives me crazy is all the crap about teething. Baby is drooling TEETH, baby has a rash TEETH, baby has a runny nose TEETH! For the love of God people at what point is it not about teeth? Every time someone says something about must be getting teeth I want to scream damn, my six year old must be getting teeth, my 17 year old must be getting a damn mouth full as cranky as she is! Teeth are just another thing that will come when they do. Babies don't need all those gels and tablets to "help with teething" if your baby has a low grade fever and seems uncomfortable a dose of baby Motrin or Tylonal  will do the trick teeth or not. Again this is not necessarily something to be in a hurry about. Mom's usually figure that out the first time your skin is pinched between those sharp little baby teeth! 

These are just a few of the myths I have heard and they seem to be the most common. What are some baby myths you have heard? 

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