Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby Car Safety Mirror - Extra Large Wide View

Have you ever had one of those moments when your baby makes an odd sound, but you can't see them because of the rear facing car seat? Well, those days are over for me. I can now see what's going on simply by looking in my rear view mirror.

This car seat safety mirror is a breeze to install and doesn't ruin my seats. I am able to adjust it to just the right place for me to comfortably see my baby when needed. 

I feel so much better knowing I can always check on my baby while driving. I can stop the car if needed to attend to my baby as well. I had a child who used to choke on spit up so this would have been a dream to have then! 

Overall a top quality product!

I recommend this to anyone with a baby or expecting a baby. This would be a great shower gift! 

I received this to review My opinions are my own. 

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