Sunday, July 19, 2015

When taking kids 5 and under to the drive in

Yes, the drive in. What a wonderful way to spend a summer night. It's cheap, fun, and a unique experience everyone loves....unless you bring small children. We always say we're never going to do it again and then we do. Why do we put ourselves through this? As of Saturday I am once again saying I WILL NEVER TAKE YOUNG CHILDREN TO THE DRIVE IN AGAIN!!!!!! However, for those of you that must here are some things to remember. 

Don't tell the kids there is a play ground or they won't want to leave it when it's time for the movie to start. It doesn't matter if the play ground consists of only swings and the spinning wheel of death ride their sister already flew off and scared me half to death. No, because we all know any play ground is more fun than anything else. 

Do not open the snacks to keep the kids busy while waiting for the movie to begin because you showed up two hours early to avoid a sell out show. They will make you buy copious amounts of popcorn that will need to be cleaned out of the van for a week after. 

Bring the freakin bug spray. Only I forget bug spray and had to listen to all the kids cry how they were being eaten alive. I suggested they roll in the mud. Any other time they would have!

Last but not least, don't plan on seeing the movie. Between bathroom breaks (15 in total), whining, laying with tired kids, breaking up fights between the kids cause someone blocked their view or sat in their chair, I missed all of Minions. I literally saw maybe 5 minutes of it. Sadly, I didn't even get a McDonald's swearing Minion for my own amusement so I am swearing them off forever. It just wasn't meant to be. 

In closing I will say kids 8 and older do great at the drive in bring them! Or benadryl.... lots and lots of benadryl. 

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