Friday, December 26, 2014

A long winters nap

Oh Christmas how I love you, but after a month of running here and there this mother is tired! Getting nine kids ready to go anywhere is crazy, but doing it over and over again throughout December is just exhausting. Then the shopping, the cooking, oh and the never ending wrapping. It's very clear that I am getting old. Back in my younger party days I could stay up for two days with just a quick nap. Now one beer added to any activity proves to be the thing that makes me think I possibly developed a slight case of Narcolepsy. So why on Christmas I decided to drink some cheap wine at the dinner table is anyone's guess. All I wanted to do was sleeeeep!
Newton's law states an over tired mother will have a house full of wide awake children. The little kids were on present overdose and trying to play with everything for just a little while which kept them up way past bedtime. The teens were on movie overload and sat buggy eyed to the screen watching the list of classic movies on all the channels that they'll never play again **eyeroll**. So I finally get into my bed and roll up in my blanket just for the two youngest to decide it was time to stay up ALL NIGHT! Taryn just couldn't sleep and William must be going through some sort of growth spurt and wanted to eat every two hours.
So this morning I crawl out of bed and watch the news waiting for hubby to get out of bed. He does the running around since we were almost out of formula and milk. By two I couldn't hold my eyes open. I told the teens they were in charge, grabbed the baby and we took a well deserved long winters nap. Woke up at 5 feeling like I could conquer Christmas all over again! Don't get me wrong though I'm glad I have 365 days before I have to do that again.

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