Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's my child and I'll do what I want to.

You're going to let her do that to her hair? I can't believe you let your kids watch that. I would never let my kids out so late. These are just a few of the comments I have heard about my kids and my parenting. The funny thing is on facebook and from chatting with people I am not alone. It seems people everywhere have run in's with the perfect parents. You know them. They are the ones who do everything right and think you're a terrible parent for not doing it just like them. They spew their unsolicited advice every chance they get and usually their kids are the furthest thing from perfect you can get, but the parents are blind to it.

I have learned to just nod my head and agree with them while wondering what they'd do if they heard my five year old break out singing Wrecking Ball. Or as he calls it the video with the naked girl. Speaking of naked, what would they do if my three year old ran to the door in his birthday suit? He does it more than I'd like to admit. I know just what would happy Mrs Judgeyparentingpants would shake her head and tell me how her kids would/have never done things like that. I'll smile nod and be thankful my kids feel free and comfortable enough in their homes to be themselves and I'll worry about him running naked to the door if he's still doing it when he's 14.

After nine kids I have come to the conclusion I am not always in control. Kids have to learn, make mistakes, and grow. Sometimes you have to let your kids dye their hair purple and then go out in public with them like that. Don't get me wrong I will draw the line sometimes. No facial piercings or tattoos until they are adults. Other than that whatever. I mean if my fourteen year old wants to wear a green dress with sneakers hey, that's on her. If anything I feel like we'll have some interesting family photo's in the future.

I know sometimes it's hard not to make a snide remark back to the "perfect parents". It's agonizing to not point out their child's flaws, but it really is so much easier to smile and nod. Every now and then I even thank them for their advice and move on. I have found their is no appeasing these people and if you point out their flaws they still refuse to see it. There will be only one way to judge your parenting and that's when your kids are grown will they tell people how great their childhood was or how terrible? Will they parent the same way you have? I like to think mine will. I'll let you know in about ten years how I've done.

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