Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas hit and misses

Moooommmmmmmmy! I want that! Tell Santa to bring that. That has been the battle cry at my house for the past three months when the little kids see something that catches their eyes on a TV ad or computer ad. Me being the mom who wants them to get a few things they really want pays attention and runs to the TV. Little did I know it was the moments outside of our home and not on the TV that would make their presents special. 

Mathew wanted the paw patrol rescue center so bad. He squealed with delight every time he saw an ad for it. $40 on Black Friday we were the proud owners of this piece of plastic I just knew would bring him great joy. While we were out shopping I saw a train table and remembered how much Mathew loves watching trains so we grabbed that too. Guess which toy he plays with? That's right the train table, while the paw patrol rescue center sits in a lonely spot in the corner of his room forgotten. What bugs me most is the train table was $10 less than the the cheaply made rescue center. 

Devony is our Frozen girl. She told Santa she wanted everything Frozen! So of course we had to get the Frozen castle. Mind you this is the same child we bought the clashing tree topper for because it was a Frozen snowflake. So you may ask, what was her favorite toy? Her brothers Batman Imaginex jail. 

Taryn fell in love with Devony's Frozen dress up case (see a pattern here?). She also freaks out every time we make Let's Rock Elmo play for the baby. She acts like it's going to eat him or something. Which as mean as it sounds we find to be hilarious. I never claimed to be the best mother in the world. Now just before Christmas we took the kids to Santa's village and they had a toy room whre Taryn was obsessed with old fashioned, plain wooden blocks. I searched and found these blocks, which have been a hit with all the little kids. 

The older kids are easy. Clothes, makeup, and games. It's always the little kids that get me. Next year instead of buying what they beg for I'm just going to pay attention to what they really like and save myself the wasted money. I also learned something else this year that I have been blind to in years passed. It really isn't all about the presents to the kids. They smiled and laughed more with all the events leading up to Christmas than they did opening the gifts. Next year I think we're going to spend a lot more time thinking out events than gifts! 

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