Thursday, December 11, 2014

Give them the gift of respect

Oh the life of large families. This week has been crazy to say the least. Two of the kids have Christmas concerts while hubby is on overtime and we get a snow storm. On the plus side we survived! The teens behind us at the concert almost didn't though. No matter how many dirty looks I gave the mother those girls just giggled and talked so loudly I couldn't even hear the singers. Then maybe a bit loudly I announced to my husband I thought they needed to up my meds because I was feeling a strong need to yell at other peoples kids.
Parents I get it I have teens and they are a pain. I get that they don't always listen, but come on, they aren't 5 year old's. If they are being rude in public and disrupting others do something about it. Sometimes I seriously think their are parents who are afraid of their teens. That makes me sad to think our society has come to a point where kids run the roost.Give them the gift of respect!
It's really simple if they are being disrespectful tell them so. Are you worried about embarrassing them? Too bad, trust me the way they are acting is embarrassing you. They are still at an age they need guidance. If you don't give it to them guess what, they guide themselves. Think bad to when you were a teen. Would you have been able to guide yourself down the right path?
Everyday I meet teens who have parents who haven't taught them any respect. They are rude to adults, don't care who they disrupt, and only care about themselves. And we wonder why kids think it's acceptable to sit on a phone while their parents are talking to them or at a dinner table. I told my teen once if she didn't put her phone away at the table I  was going to smash it and she knew I meant it.
So seriously, if you want to give your kids a gift that will last a lifetime and will benefit them in years to come give them the gift of respect! And best of all it doesn't cost a dime, unlike that stupid cell phone glued to their face.

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