Friday, December 19, 2014

Your child sees what I see

I am a social media junkie. This is no secret and anyone who knows me will say that about me. I used to have no filter and would say some outlandish things not only to people, but about people. Then one day it hit me. My kids not only see this as I post it, but will be able to see it in the future too. How can I tell them you can't post this or that and then do it myself. That was a few years ago and I actually find more enjoyment in my social media experience since using it for good instead of negativity. The issue is not all parents realize what I see them posting their child sees as well.

The sad fact is the rules of facebook are not followed and very young children are using social media. When an adult woman posts a provocative photo of herself her children will see it. I am so glad social media wasn't around when I was a teen. Something about my mom doing duck lips in a selfie would have made me want to move to Siberia. Sorry mom. Then you have the drunken or pot head mothers who post pictures of themselves doing whatever they do on weekends. Yeah, your kids see that! Not only your kids, but your kids friends parents. Trust me I see some things and I'm like yep, my kids never going over there. I'm not trying to be judgmental I just want to be sure my children are't exposed to such behaviors. Now not saying I don't have a beer now and then or even take a selfie, but come on people if you have kids have respect for yourself and for them DON'T POST IT!

The next thing that drives me absolutely insane on facebook is constantly belittling of children by their parents on social media. It's one thing to talk about a messy room now and then or even joke about something they have done. It is a whole other thing when you never say anything nice. Your kid sees that and thinks that is your opinion of them. Even if your child is still young one day they may look abck hoping to see cute little stories about themselves and what will they see? I hope my kids look back on my social media, smile, and say man, my mom really loved me.

I urge you now if you are guilty of one of the social media parenting problems I mentioned above for one week think before you post. Say to yourself what will my child think of me or this picture if I post this? Go back through your old stuff and see the message your sending your children. Are you setting a good example? If not change it. It's your job to teach your children right from wrong and if your not doing the right thing on social media I can guarantee they won't either.

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