Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa from the perspective of a child

We wonder why little children freak out when sitting on Santa's lap, but lets take a look at it from their perspective and maybe we'll understand. Here are the top 5 things that must go through a small child's mind when visiting Santa.

1. Wait! Why are my parents handing me to this stranger and walking away?? Don't turn around and smile there's nothing funny about this!

2. Santa, Satan and he's all in red! Hey, I've seen movies I know about this stuff.

3. The kid in front of me in line was in a great mood until they handed him over to that man in red. He must be evil because my new friend lost it so I will lose it too.

4. Elves are short and I am short. They are going to send me off to Santa's sweat shop. Aren't there child labor laws in the North Pole?

5. Wait is this a test of that stranger danger thing you taught me. I'm suppose to scream right?

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